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Miss Marney's Class March 11, 2016

This Week at Starside

This week:

Monday, March 21

  • M day, PE and Music
  • Sparkle Math

Tuesday, March 22

  • E day: Art
  • Sparkle Reading

Wednesday, March 23

  • T Day: PE and Music
  • Sparkle Homework Help

Thursday, March 24

  • C Day: Computers
  • Clubs

Friday, March 25

  • O Day: Library
  • 5:30 Preshow of the Wild Animal Adventure Show
  • 6:30 Wild Animal Adventure Show

Saturday, March 26

  • Community Service Day 9-12

Next Week:

Monday March 21

  • M day: PE and Music
  • Sparkle Math

Spring Break Challenge

I am sending home a spring break challenge. This is an optional activity. Please send it back on Monday, March 21.

Donors Choose

I am so excited to share that my project was fully funded! We will be getting two Osmo systems. They should arrive at school this week. I am excited about how we are going to incorporate them into our classroom. I have left the video below so you can see what it can do.

Recycle those dried out markers

All around Starside students and teachers will be collecting used markers that are ready to be discarded. The markers will be sent to a facility where they will be converted into clean fuel. This fuel can be used to power vehicles, heat homes, cook meals and more!

Please help support our efforts by sending your kids in with any used markers you may have around the house – even non-Crayola brands, dry erase markers, and highlighters. Drop-off boxes will be located in your student’s classroom for your child to deposit the markers.

Wild Animal Adventure Show

On Friday April 25th the Wild Animal Adventure Show is coming to Starside. The show will start at 5:30 and is completely FREE. There will be a concession stand and a souvenir stand that will cost. Below is a video that shows the show.
Wild Animal Adventure Theatrical Stage Show

Hat Day

On Thursday March 22, students can pay $1 to wear a hat all day. The $1 goes towards the beautification of the school on Saturday.

Community Service Day March 26

Another Starside Community Service day is coming. On Saturday March 26th from 9-12 you and your child can come and help plant flowers, work in the garden and clean up the playground. Information is coming home today if you are interested, If you would like to help please turn the paper back in next week.

If your child is volunteering please make sure to fill out a community service log. Logs are available from Miss Crow,


Spelling Change

As a second grade team, we are trying something new in spelling. Instead of having a List A and List B we will only have one list for the entire class. This program will include a weekly focus and each student will have to apply their skills in dictations sentences on the test. This program will be started after spring break (week of 3/21). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact let me know.

Please know that I will keep track if the words seem too easy and plan an alternate list for those students. I want to give this new program a couple of weeks before I make changes.

Each week the students will have a packet of activities that use the focus skills. They will complete this in class, but if they are not able to get it done in class it will be homework on Thursday night for those not finished.

Spelling words

This weeks focus:

  • spell words with the blends of pr, br, and ft
  • spell two syllable words
  • review long a words with the silent e
  • spell words with the initial consonant digraph ch


  1. birthday
  2. people
  3. present
  4. candle
  5. cake
  6. children
  7. gift
  8. party
  9. game
  10. bring

plus 2 personal words

Extended Absence Reminder

Please be sure to let the office know when your student will be absent for an extended period. You will need to complete our Extended Absence Request Form. This helps your child’s teacher to prepare work and plan for your child’s absence. It also assists our office maintain accurate attendance reporting. Forms are located in the Starside office.

Reading Calendar

Don't forget to be marking every time your child reads 20 minutes and practices 10 minutes of math facts on the calendar in the RACE binder. Anyone who meets the goal gets a Pizza Hut Book it coupon.


We are starting a new unit on money this week. It is a short unit and will only last this week. We will come back to it again when we get to camp. The objectives we will be studying are:

  • Recognizing coins
  • counting coin collections
  • ways to show the same amount
  • counting coins with bills

Don't forget xtramath.org is a great resource for practicing math facts. All addition facts should be mastered by December. Subtraction facts should be mastered by May.

Skills that can still be reviewed:

  • time to 5 minutes
  • counting by 5's forwards and backwards
  • adding facts up to 20
  • place value number of tens and ones in a problem
  • subtraction facts up to 20
  • subtracting and adding 2 digit with 2 digit numbers

Fun math games for practice

Writing and Reading

We have started writing practice informational writing pieces. We are completing one together on the American Flag. Students will complete one on their own about the Bald Eagle.
Digital Books

The Kansas Library has free digital books. If you go to this page you can click on many different types. The one we use in class the most is Tumble books.

Social Studies

We have started our monuments project. The three monuments in our classroom are the White House, the Statue of Liberty and the Jefferson Memorial. Each student was able to rank them to see which one they would study. After all the research is done, the students will do a digital presentation of their monument. They will also have a chance to go to the other classrooms to learn about their monuments.

Travel Changes

If your child is going home a way that is different than normal please notify the office by 3:00. You will need to email Tami Gothard at TGothard@usd232.org or call 913-667-6270. If you know ahead of time, you can also send in a note.

Follow the Activities of Our Class on Social Media

There are lots of ways to follow what is going on in our classroom.

  • Class Twitter account @StarsideMarney.
  • Text Messages from me when you text @missmarn to 81010. When you sign up, your child will get a pencil from me.
  • You can also follow Starside @StarsideComets
Lunch Menu

Click on the button to see what is for lunch this week.

Lunch Money

When sending lunch money, please send it in an envelope with your child's name on it. Also if you are planning to eat lunch with your child please email blawson@usd232.org to order your lunch preference by 9 am.