Liberty for All Americans!

Color Does Not Take Away Humanity!

The Sons of Liberty

How can we claim to live in the "land of the free" when not everyone is free? How can this be a land of opportunity, if some are dragged here against there will and made to work for a master forever? How can America ever fulfill its manifest destiny, and serve as a bright example to other nations, if it allows a dark, soulless cancer to grow with it just under the surface? Slavery is an institute of abominations, and we are guilty of making it grow. We make these people, even if they are different, live under tyranny. America has never been about tyranny. Our forefathers knew what it was to live under a tyrant, and they were white. Did they submit, as we demand of our black slaves? No. The fathers of our country, the Sons of Liberty, fought to make America free. But their dream will not be fulfilled until all of America is free, not just those who are of pale skin. Therefore, we have taken on the name of our fathers and grandfathers, the Sons of Liberty, in order to fight for what they fight and fulfill their dream.

Sons of Libery HQ

If you need to come to us for any reason, we are headquartered in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. We are always here if you need us. The address is 75752 Freedom St, Philadelphia.