DogTag: You're It! Rescue

Safe Place To Lay My Head

Sleeping night after night for months on end, this little guy was desperate for a familiar and seemingly safe surrounding to lay his head at night. The backyard of a local family's home was just that. Scared and exhausted, the people living there allowed him to stay in the backyard when he'd come around at night. The sad thing was that this yard was filled with the rotten stench of dead rats and birds and their decayed corpses. When we heard about this we knew we had to rescue him immediately. Our dear friends of the rescue community were able to corner this baby and catch him as he was screaming in fear. Today our Charlie who is at about a year old is fully vaccinated, heartworm and fecal tested, neutered, and microchipped. If you live in OC or West LA would like to foster or adopt Charlie please email us as soon at