Eating Out or Eating In.

Seth Loock

Americans are eating out more than ever.

In March, sales at restaraunts surpassed those at grocery stores for the first time since the Commerce Department starting collecting data in 1992. The Natural Restaraunt Association which has about 500,000 members is starting to realize that the younger people are drawn more to these places rather than eating healthy. They want a way to get food quick and easy and also pretty cheap and these restaraunts are starting to be more intriguing rather than moms homade salad. These fast food places are a place for teens to "connect" or a place to interact with other teens and have a social life.

Eating out generally means eating more calories.,

A new study shows that on average a person who eats out usually eats about 200 more calories a day than someone who eats at home. They also eat more sugar, fat, and salt. All of these extra calories come from more energy dense foods, larger portions, and more empty calories such as sugar sweetend beverages. Based on some recent facts and studies they found that people who eat out usually consume around 24,000 extra calories a year which is an extra 6 to 7 pounds!!!!

Fast food consumption is related to higher body weight.

The fast food consumption is high in children and is even higher in the adolesence age and the people in these categories showed a higher BMI than peopel who weren't in this category. Studies show that 4% of children that were obese ate at fast food restaraunts very frequently and 22% of children ate frequently. So this study shows that only about 70% of people don't eat as often as them but still might not be eating as healthy as they think they are.

Preparing meals at home help improve overall diet.

Studies show that if you make your own meals at home you are more aware of what ingridients you put into the meal rather than eating at a restaraunt. Also at home you have a much better judgement of portion size rather than not knowing at a fast food place. Studies also show that if you make your own meals and use the healthy ingridients you have a higher chance of living longer and other health benefits such as decrease in chance of heart attack.