Team Fabulous

July 2013

Team Sales $2515

$650 Robin Kent Director

$290 Tina Elliott

$45 Lisa Gillian

$41 Chrystal Myers

$806 Mandi Stewart

$681 Megan Salome


Summer months are typically slow for everyone. Don't let this get you down!

Moving on up!

Want to promote?? We are creating a facebook closed group just for you! Training info every week, accountability, goal setting and tips to build your teams. Want in? Please

respond by email to this newsletter. What does being a leader do to your paycheck? Had I not chosen leadership my check would have been $602.75, but because I am in leadership my check was $5250. I look forward to helping you reach your full potential!

From our Sr. Director Vanessa Claybrooke

Dream Rewards

Only 19 more days to earn Dream Rewards! Lisa has earned Level 1 with 7,503 points!!!

Start Swell

Congratulations to Megan for earning the first 3 levels of Start Swell Rewards!