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January 8th, 2021

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Welcoming the New Year

Welcome back to school and happy new year! 2020 was one of the most challenging years we have experienced as a community, and the challenges it brought are not over yet. But thanks to each of you, we are well equipped to face 2021 and continue our business of educating the best kids in St. Louis. Though the events in Washington, D.C. started this new year off with its own set of challenges, I have found comfort in our Patrick Henry community. We have weathered so many storms that I am confident we can weather this as well. There are several resources listed below as you and your family continue to process the impact of COVID-19, the impact of systemic racism throughout our country, and the impact of the government coup attempt in Washington, D.C. Please know that we are with you through these trying times. Reach out to us if you need specific supports this semester, and we will do everything in our power to meet those needs. Happy new year to you and your family!

When Bad Things Happen, How Educators Can Respond

Responding to Tragedy: A Resource for Parents and Educators

COVID-19 Parental Resource Toolkit from the CDC

COVID-19 Parental Resource Toolkit from the AACP

Teaching Black Lives Matter in the Classroom

Teaching about Race, Racism, and Police Violence

Caring for Students in the Wake of Trauma

Resources for Teachers in the Wake of the Attack on the US Capitol

Understanding the Constitution in Everyday English

Focus on Student Learning and Engagemement

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This semester, we wanted to start our first week off with our academics at the forefront. We were excited to get back into the business of learning, and our students were eager to follow our lead! Pictured above, Zyaihre was ready to answer every single question Ms. Willard could throw at them after reading about penguins. Check out some of our other highlights from our academic week!

Guided Reading and Small Group Instruction

Several teachers were able to split their classes into small groups this week so they could give each student 1:1 attention and also meet them where they were at academically. Pictured below, we have Ms. Norton-Young and Ms. Versen working with Kamyah and Jersi as they focused on sounding words out. Using visual cues, hand motions, and phonics skills, Kamyah and Jersi successfully read sentences aloud and showed their mastery! Gavon and Emmori worked with Ms. Wildermuth on the letter "I," reading sentences aloud like, "I like to eat," and "I like to play." It was beautiful to watch them correctly identify the letter and work through the visual cues to read each sentence. Ms. Jackson worked with her class in math instruction, giving immediate feedback to each student as they worked through several problems posted on the screen. Students were fully engaged and ready to work!
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Special Guest Teacher

Ms. Willard's class got to experience a unique guest teacher this week when her pup came to visit the virtual class! Ellie is an 8 year old mature lady who enjoyed her time with the kindergarteners and even got sent to the principal's office!
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HomeWorks! Initiatives

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Attendance Phone Calls

This week, HomeWorks! volunteers made phone calls to all students who were absent for their virtual week back. Phone calls included a check-in for how families were doing after winter break, and a reminder of school hours and how to log in or solve tech problems. We are so thankful for our team of volunteers who take this task off teachers' plates and ensure our families are able to log in every day!

1st and 2nd Grade Attendance Incentive

This week, HomeWorks! worked specifically with first and second grade families to offer an incentive program for perfect attendance. Students who logged in on time every day and stayed logged in throughout the day received a gift card to our local grocery store, GreenLeaf Market! This is an amazing partnership we have between two of our community partners who care about our students' attendance so much that they're willing to pay our families to come to school! If you are a family with a first or second grader, make sure you are on time every day, and you can also participate in this incentive program!

A Treat for Teachers

Ms. Karen Kalish donated a free manicure and pedicure to the staff at Patrick Henry to make sure they were getting a special treat last semester and over winter break. If you are a teacher or staff member who hasn't taken advantage of this awesome offer, make sure you visit Beautiful Nails and tell them Ms. Kalish sent you!

One teacher sent the following testimonial after receiving this gift: "Another teacher and I took advantage of your pedicure offer during the break and we are so thankful for you! It helped us start our break right and get into relaxation mode, as well as increased our bonding by giving us something to do outside of work together. Beautiful Nails was a wonderful establishment, and the people were very kind. We will be back!"

Christmas Eve Dinner Delivery

Volunteers from HomeWorks! as well as the founder herself passed out meals to families in Preservation Square on Christmas Eve to make sure that our Patrick Henry students were able to celebrate the holidays with a delicious dinner and quality family time. Thank you to our community partners who understand the importance of food, family, and quality time together!