Third Grade Thrills

with Mrs. Krajewski January 8, 2016

Note from Mrs. K.

Happy New Year to all of you! The kids have shared many of the great times they had with their families.

I want to remind you about Read to Succeed. If your child is participating in the Great America Read to Succeed, the sheets are due February 12th. 360 minutes of recorded reading is required to earn the admission ticket.

This week we spent time creating the start of our third grade portfolios. The kids may have mentioned my daughter was in to help video speeches, take pictures, and assist in the lab. Their portfolios are looking fabulous and we will be adding to them throughout the rest of he school year. They will be proud to share them with you. This is a first attempt for both them and myself. Well worth the work!

The weather is changing daily. Please make sure your child is always prepared with cold weather gear, but also make sure they have shoes here at school to wear. Boots all day are not comfortable.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs. Krajewski

Math Facts

For those students that have me for math, I am starting something new starting next week. There is a concern that children in older grades are not secure on basic math facts. Last year, in second grade I required to be done four times per week. I am going to require that again, starting this upcoming week. The week runs from Monday through Sunday. Kids will have an occasional paper and pencil test at school, to utilize a second type of assessment. I will not have them do the here at school so there is not confusion between home and school connection.

Literacy Happenings

We are starting our Non-fiction reading and information writing unit this week. This unit will be fun for the kids, as there are so many topics to read and write about. Today we explored to listen to and read books online. The kids were so engaged!

Mrs. Jayne Krajewski

Third Grade teacher, mother of two with my husband, Tom.