Chilling in Florida

Spending long hours on the Beach...

The Time is Now!

With perfect weather and the sun shining, the beach is the perfect place to chill. Between swimming, boat rides, fishing, beach volleyball, scuba diving and building sand sculptures there is no shortage of adventure. Then at night we can have Bar B ques, and campfire hangouts. All this for 5 days straight. There is also shopping and the sights which you can check out along the way.

National Lampoons Spring Break!

Saturday, March 15th, 6am to Friday, March 21st, 9pm

Panama City Beach, FL,

Schedule (Non existent)

The point of a vacation is to hang out, chill, and relax! As long as you stay hydrated and eat at least once a day there really should be no agendas. I can however tell you that I will be spending pretty much all of my time on the beach. I plan to bring a cooler and enough food to cover lunch and dinner. I might hit the restaurants and shopping centers here and there, but other than that, I plan to be a lazy beach bum for 5 days.

Prices( the sad part)

I will be driving which means I will save money on traveling but not much. I would bet I spend close to $300 dollars on gas alone. The hotel is $100x5 nights= roughly $600, breakfast and WiFi included. On both the water parks I'm going to say roughly $400 to $450. Food and shopping will probably be around $300 as I don't tend to shop a lot. The grand total is roughly $2050, but lest put it at an even $2100 just to be safe.