Civil war Times

By: Miranda Cunard and Abby Brown

Sherman's March to the Sea

This was in November 15 1864 to December 21 1864. Sherman's march to the sea happened because he wanted to end the war. He also wanted to punish the south economically. Sherman destroyed a path 300 miles long and 60 miles wide. Soldiers stole a plethora of things and burned many buildings. The result was Savannah surrendered on December 22 1864 because they didn't want to be like Atlanta.
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Andersonville prison was located in Macon county. It was a famous POW ( Prisoners Of War) camp that held over 30,000 people. This was between February 1864 to April 1865. 13,000 people died from disease and mutiny. Mutiny means an open rebellion against the proper authorities. The captain, Henry Wirz, was put in jail by the north from all the deaths. He was soon hung for all the murders of the soldiers.