Black Marketing...Just No

Black Marketing Its Not Trading Eggs

What Is Black Marketing

Black Marketing is where there is a a group or pack of people who sell illegal goods but the type I'm talking about is illegal pet trade.Illegal pet trade is where there is a person who is hired to kill and torche the poor inicent endangered animals and the most tragic thing is where the animals get exported by plane and a 3rd of the animals get killed by dehighdration, starvation and more.Now this is unexeceptable.The endangered animals will die if this continues.So how would you feel if you had to get inside a squishy box and travel across the earth when you can't breath.
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How to Help

As awesome as a pet toucan, tiger or any other endangered specie would be if anyone unknown offers you a deal (as it would be unlikely) you must show no emotion and report to the local police station write away.Other than that there has been scientists, governments police officers and more have tried attempt to stop Illegal pet trade but there is absouloutly no chance or way to stop.The only thing you can actually do is try to persuade the bullies of nature.
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See that picture up there and down there that is what the evil hunters do just to get a couple big bucks!

Now this is wrong, disgusting and all of the negative.

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The Life of Having an Illegal Pet...Is No Life At All