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DIY Literacy with Kate Roberts

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CESA 7 sponsored literacy consultant, author and speaker Kate Roberts for a one day workshop on "Do It Yourself" literacy tools. Here are some samples of three tools that were discussed.

Teaching tools are:

  • visible
  • tangible
  • accessible to students
  • used over time
  • taught into by teachers and students

Teaching tools address a variety of root issues:

  • memory
  • rigor & motivation
  • differentiation

Connect with Kate to access more tools:


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New Tools for Teaching

Access the third episode of Tools for Teaching in the HSSDLiteracy Facebook Group. This segment will model creating a Demonstration Page for your conferring toolkit.

If you haven't already joined the group, request membership here.

Accountable Talk

If your students need to deepen their thinking during book club conversations, then provide scaffolds such as the accountable talk sentence stems or prompts included in the table below.
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Still Haven't Taken Foundations of Literacy?

Listen as Tonya explains the impact the Foundations course has had on her instruction. There's still time for you to register in MLP for the June sessions.
Foundations of Literacy

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