What is Cancer?

What can it do to the body?

How does cancer start in somebodies body?

Cancer starts when cells in the human body start growing larger, and in abnormal shapes. Instead of just dying they continue to grow until they kill other cells and stop them from reproducing. These cancer cells can also grow into tissue, which isn't normal for cells to be able to do.

How does it spread?

Cancer cells flow through blood lines and spread to new parts of the body, which starts the infection there. Some cancer cells can travel on their own, spreading through the body without having to catch into a bloodstream.

What does it do to the body?

Cancer at early stages cant kill the infected body. Its only when it starts into the later stages that it becomes deadly. It can drain the calcium from your bones making you weak and your bones easier to break. It can also kill the tissue in parts of the body, which makes you unable to breath, if its in the lungs. Cancer can also attack your bone marrow and stop your body from producing red blood cells. Some very extreme cases can disrupt the blood balance and can lead to severe weight loss and dehydration.
Cancer Victim Speaks Out

Help fight for the cure!

Wednesday, July 20th 2016 at 3pm

Kalamazoo, MI

Come help fight against the deadly disease Cancer and walk with us. the walk will start at 3:00 pm but the stands will be open at 7:00 Am. if you cant help raise awareness by walking then please feel free to donate here. http://ww5.komen.org/Donate/Donate.html