Deena's Poems!!! : )

by Deena

Chasing - Couplet

It doesn't look like they're having fun,

It's amazing how much they run.

The smaller one's running away.

The bigger one's running all day.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the mouse,

because I don't keep th cat in the house.

Strawberries - Imagery

Strawberries, Strawberries

Delicious, Tangy, Sweet,

Strabberries, Strawberries,

They are a treat.

Bright as a red bow

On a present,

They have the most luscious,

Strong, fruity, scent.

Dip them in chocolate,

Or maybe sugar too,

Milkshakes or icecream,

Whatever's best for you.

Strawberries, Strawberries,

Delicious, tangy, sweet.

Strawberries, Strawberries,

My favorite thing to eat.


We hop on our bikes,

And ride for what

Seems like forever,

My sister and I.

Sometimes she leads,

sometimes I lead,

We are two dogs, fighting,

over the same bone.

Uphill, then downhill,

And everywhere we can.

Untill the sun, red as fire,

Sets over the distant trees.

Campfire - Personification

The stories have been told,

The songs have been sung,

The smores have been eaten.

The parents are packing,

The kids are still sitting,

Everybody's yawning,

As the rain was falling,

pattering on thier coats,

And reminding thier campfire,

who's boss.