Third Grade News


Calling all books!

If you see a book with "Brancheau" or "Long" written on or in a book, please send these books back to school if your child isn't currently reading it!

Many of these books have gone missing over this year. We appreciate your help!

Type to Learn

Continue to practice typing at home! Download the program purchased by our school:

Student Username AND password is his/her Lunch ID number (starting with 200)

(If prompted, the account code is 161200)

Milestones Information

All of the below items come from the website. They are found under the “Learning and Curriculum” tab and then there is a link for Milestones Assessment.

Scoring Sampler Guide -

Ideas for how to use:

  • Students can read the provided passage and respond to the question. They could use the rubric to rate theirs. Compare theirs to the student samples.
  • They could analyze the responses that are provided (remove the scores earned) and use the rubric to determine what they think that student earned.
  • Same with math, they could analyze how students answered the constructed reponses.

Assessment Guides -
  • General guide for teachers so that they are familiar with the format and content on the Milestones assessment.
  • You can use the passage, math questions, etc. that are found in this guide.

Test Blueprint

  • Outlines the types of items students will encounter as well as the number of items and number of points possible (for those tests which include constructed-response items)
  • Outlines the domains, which are reporting categories, and the associated content standards.
  • Approximate percentage of points allocated to each domain is provided.

Mark You Calendars

2/8 Title 1 Parent Workshop Lunch and Learn

2/9 Chick-fil-A Night!

2/9 GMAS Reading/ELA diagnostics (3rd-5th) Part 1

2/10 GMAS Reading/ELA diagnostics (3rd-5th) Part 2 (Writing)

2/17 - 2/20 No School for President's Day!

2/28 Field Trip - Chattahoochee Nature Center