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The Savvy_Educator's Tech Integration Newsletter -April 2016

"Experiencing IT (Instructional Technology)" monthly newsletter provides information, resources, and shares awesome innovation in Region 3

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April is here! I've enjoyed meeting so many teachers and working with students across the region. There is something special about Region 3 - amazing educators! You are committed to your schools, students, and to growth. I've witnessed amazing school and business partnerships, heard the U.S. Secretary of Education speak about the future of STEM learning, facilitated and participated in professional learning - flipped classrooms, schools going Google, deepening knowledge using technology, makerspaces, and student engagement over the past month.

Can you believe students only have 40 days of school or less left of the 2015-2016 school year? Instead of counting down to that big day, I want to present a challenge I hope you are willing to accept. Each week, from now until the end of your school year, try out a new tech resource/ tool to implement within your schools or with your students. By the end of the school year, you will have at least "7 Savvy tools" you are more familiar with to finish out the year strong and to begin learning experiences for the next school year. I have compiled a CHALLENGE TASK LIST to help you on this journey, but please try other resources too. Claim your Badges for Completed Tasks and share what you've earned on Social Media using the hashtags #7savvytools and #aamuTiM.

As you implement share what you are doing with others in your school or with the world via social media. I will make sure to retweet and promote how you are learning new tools and integrating technology in your classrooms in North Alabama. Include the hashtags #7savvytools and #aamuTiM so others can follow your learning and learn from you.

Remember I am here to serve you, and your instructional technology endeavors. Please contact me if you would like to partner to make your dreams become your reality.

Remember to share media showcasing instructional technology in action in your schools by accessing this folder April district IT happenings folder. Highlights from the information shared and submitted prior to the last Monday of this month will be featured in the May edition of "Experiencing IT" newsletter under the subtitle "CAPTURE IT Highlights".

Please feel free to contact me at any time. Let's continue to learn, grow and experience IT together!

Partnering to provide professional learning for your instructional technology endeavors.

Digitally yours,

The Savvy_Educator

Capture IT highlights - March

Capture IT highlights from March 2016

Autism Awareness Month

Dillan’s Voice

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Have you heard of SWIVL?

Attend the SWIVL Webinar - April 26th and get 3 months of the full version of Capture!

Swivl is a robotic platform to use with a smartphone, tablet or camera to capture video. It can be used to flip lessons, reflection, class observations, or to build a bank of lessons centered on the standards. The possibilities are endless with this tool.

If you, your school or district is interested in using this device please join us for a Region 3 Webinar with SWIVL, Tuesday, April 26th 3:00-4:00 using this link join.me/rinskyswivl

We would like to get an idea of who will participate so please fill out the RSVP form below.

You may even win something special!

ALL participants in the webinar will receive an extended trial (3 months) of SWIVL capture.

I have one device available if you are interested in using it before the webinar. Please fill out this REQUEST FORM.

Three for Free - Thinking about going 1 to 1

If you use any of these resources please share pictures of it in action in the April district IT Happenings Folder.

Professional Learning Opportunities


Technology in Motion Webinars

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Jornea A. Erwin, Instructional Technology Specialist ~ Alabama Technology in Motion

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