Nina, Gacia, and Ben

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Where did the Vikings come from?

The Vikings came from Norway , Sweden, and Denmark. They are Scandinavian countries.

The Viking lands were all different. Some were mountainous and some were flat.

Why did the Vikings come to America?

A man called Bjarni Herjolfsson made a voyage to Canada and came back. Leif

Ericsson made the same voyage . They also left because their crops were dying and they had no more land to conquer.

Why did the Viking age end?

The Christians took over Europe 900 years ago. They built armies and built castles to keep them safe. The Vikings wanted to stay in the land they settled in.

Viking ships

Vikings ships were used to do many different jobs. Cargo ships could carry 25 tons across the whole ocean! Longships were shallow so they could sneak up on people who they attacked.

Viking families

The men were farmers and craftsmen. The women ran the household and the children did not go to school! The viking families were the most important thing in their lives. Sometimes viking homes had three generations.

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