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August 28-31

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Ring Leader Tidbits

  • Hopefully everyone is getting into the swing of things! I've already seen great things taking place while walking around to classrooms! Thank you to everyone for being so flexible as we worked through our scheduling issues. Hopefully, we have everything taken care of now!
  • We are working to hire a new 4th grade teacher, so we are excited to get some relief for Nicole and Lindsey! Notes have gone home to the parents of our 4th graders, and I will keep you posted as we search for the perfect addition.
  • CARE team meetings are taking place, beginning this week. Remember to keep track of behavior data on any students you are wanting to bring to CARE team for behavior. This will work the same way as we work the academics.
  • Beginning of the year TTESS conferences are being scheduled. I am still working to send out meetings of when we will attend PLC meetings, but that's next on my "list."
  • Remember to have something for your students to do during extended block, if you have Lilly (Nikki is her sub). Laura, Vickie, and Nancy usually take them to their specific classroom, unless they have other directions from your grade level.
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School Bulletin

  • DON'T FORGET!! An email went out to science teachers 3-5 about completing the science safety course. The information is listed here as well:
~ Required Training: TEA Science Safety Training for Elementary School by end of 4th week of school (Sept 14Course Credit:

· Certificate of completion at end-of-course turn in to campus administrator

· Campus administrator will inform science coordinator of teachers who have completed training and credit will be given

TEA Science Safety Training for Elementary School:

Elementary Kinder – 2nd grade teachers teaching science: Will train for safety throughout the year as needed

  • The iPad carts SHOULD be delivered this week to your hallways. There will be one cart per hall (Kg) hall, 1st/2nd hall, & 3rd grade hall. The laptop carts still have not arrived, so 4th/5th, you may want to coordinate with 3rd while we wait on those.

  • This Friday is College Colors Day! I will send out an email to parents as well as post to our campus Facebook page. Make sure to communicate this to your families as well!

  • I will be printing off a list from Eduphoria for everyone to sign off that they completed the Compliance Bundle. Once I have it, I will let you know, and you can stop by the office to sign off. I have the list and the certificates, but we have to turn in the official roster from Eduphoria in order for them to keep on file.

  • Next Friday is Granola with Grandparents. The invitations have gone home, and they should be returning them to you on Friday. Please turn those into Laura on Friday, so that we can start getting a head count. The doors will open at 7:05 on that Friday in order to allow a few more minutes before the bell rings.
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Extended blocks begin this week! August 27-31

Tuesday, August 28th:

  • Fire Drill Today

Thursday, August 30th:

  • Kori off campus (DLT)

Friday, August 31st:

  • College Colors Day

Monday, September 3rd:

  • Labor Day! No School

Thursday, September 6th:

  • Kori off campus (principal LEAD)

Friday, September 7th:

  • Granola with Grandparents (7:10-7:30)

Monday, September 10th:

  • CLC: Reading 4th Grade (8:00 am)
  • CLC: Reading 5th Grade ( 12:00 pm)
  • Staff Meeting: 3:00 pm

Tuesday, September 18th:

  • CLC: Writing 4th Grade (8:00 am)
  • CLC: Librarians (12:30 pm)

Thursday, September 20th:

  • Individual fall pictures

Friday, September 21st:

  • Hearing/Vision Screening: Kg, 1st, 3rd, 5th
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