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February 20, 2019

We are talking Learning Environments, but it is so much more

At our next PD on March 1st, we will do a mornings worth of work on innovative learning spaces. Here is the deal, this is a great discussion, but the challenge is to really look at current practice (where do we spend our time with children) and be willing to change. The article below discusses makers spaces, which ties to project and loose parts work that we have already discussed. The reason this movement is occurring: The future ready work force needs to have attributes that are best learned in these contexts.

You know projects are good, you know loose parts are good, you know STEAM is good, but do you fundamentally believe in the benefits so deeply that you are willing to CHANGE your way? This requires us to look deeply at our school schedule/lesson plans and see what we fill their day with....are our lesson plans and schedules full of "fine motor/follow directions" activities that are pretty straight forward or are we creating ways for them to develop/practice fine motor and following directions in a more open ended, child directed setting?

Again, we will talk more about this when we learn about the "Portrait of a Graduate" work (linked below). "Graduate" seems like maybe it doesn't apply to us....oh but it does. I would even be willing to say that when we teach kids "how" to approach challenges, "how" to interact with their world, we actually set them on the learning journey!

PAT, we already previewed Portrait of a Graduate, your take away is to really help those families understand that while those traditional skills are necessary, there is SO much more!! You have the opportunity to show them by what you bring into their home. Do you bring crafts with one right way of doing it? OR do you bring open ended activities that promote exploration? There is a place for both, we just need to make sure our lessons are well balanced.

Makers Space, if link does not work, let me know

I will print for you to read if it does not work.

March 1 PD Day

We will begin our day at LSNHS (Paraprofessionals will remain in the building if on contract). More information to come on Paraprofessional plans. (PAT does not take part).

AM Session

  • 8:00 - 8:15 Welcome / Introductory Video

  • 8:15 - 9:45 Documentary - Most Likely to Succeed (ALL PreK-6 Staff)

9:45 - 10:00 break

  • 10:00 - 11:30 Feb. 15 Future-Ready/Portrait of a Graduate catch-up building Level Activities at LSHS, LSN, LSW - Room Assignments

11:30 - 12:45 LUNCH Off-site


PM Session

  • 1:30-2:30 Teachers and Paraprofessionals, GBEEC MPR, Conscious Discipline

  • SLP/OT/PT click on link at bottom to see schedule

PM Session Attendees

Running short on time for IEP Meetings?

With the loss of so many days, 2 Fridays to be precise, I am hearing much talk about scheduling IEP meetings. Please know that you will need to operate like the other schools for a short time and schedule those meetings after school. It is highly unlikely that you could make before school or lunch work. Please make sure that you put your IEP mtg on the "APPOINTMENT CALENDAR", so that we can guide folks as they come in!!

Innovation Grant opportunity

$2000 Innovation Grant: The Kansas City Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments is proud to support efforts in education innovation by funding the work of teachers, administrators and schools to bring new ideas and opportunities to learners in our area. Four $2,000 Innovation in Learning Environments Grants will be awarded annually. Innovation In Learning Environments Grant Information; Grant Application

PEAK Grants

Do you have an innovative idea you'd like to implement in 2019-20? Looking for funding to make it happen? A Lee's Summit Educational Foundation PEAK Grant (Promoting Excellence And Knowledge) may be the answer! The PEAK Grant application is available online this year via this link. You must create an account to apply. The deadline is March 5, 2019. If you have questions, contact Sheryl Franke.

Please put this in your classroom newsletters, and let them know to bring in their younger siblings

Early Head Start, Families with children Prenatal - 3 year old

We still have openings for families to participate in our Early Head Start program. These families would have a certified Parent Educator visit them weekly. These families would also have access to MANY resources, including counseling for the family. Please share the below flyer with a family who you feel would possibly benefit.

People to consider:

Families who are pregnant or have a child under 3 years of age

Families who you suspect may live in a low income situation

Families who are receiving back snack program

**Also, if there is a child on your caseload who could really benefit from meals while at school, make sure to talk to Trula about getting them an appointment to fill out a Head Start application.

A hard copy of the this flyer is in your mailbox. If you feel there is a family who would really benefit, write a personal note on the hard copy and send it home. Feel free to make more or grab extras in the lobby display.

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