A New Age

"Robots" the Future of the World

Welcome to the Future

The robot is one of the biggest advancements man-kind has made. The robot can save lives, improve your life, and entertain you ! Before we get to that though, what even is a robot ?

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What is a Robot ?

A robot is a machine capable of carrying out actions in the "real world". Robots are programmed to do their job. They respond to computer commands. There are many different types of robots; they range in shape, size and function.

Saving Lives

Many robots save lives. One is the Gemini-Scout. This robot does search and rescue work in mines. It has a thermal camera, that helps locate people. The robot also tests the air for toxic gas. Not only does Gemini locate the miner, it provides them with live sustaining supplies. Lucas Langley said that, "Gemini may be small, but it is strong and can easily carry food, water, and other supplies."(Langley) Gemini is so strong it can drag an injured miner to safety. It has a two-way radio to talk to the rescue team. Also it has easy controls like a video game so almost anyone can control it. Some robots aren't saving lives the way Gemini is though. Some, like the Google car, minimize risk. The Google car has sensors that make it very hard for this car to get into accidents.

Improving Lives

Robots also improve people's lives.Robots can reduce the labor people have to do. For example, the Agribot is a farming machine. It has sensors to tell this robot when the fruit is ripe. At M.I.T. scientists are working to grow crops without any human help at all! There are sensors an the plant to tell the Agribot what the plant needs. Robots also improve production. A robot that is used frequently is the robot arm. This is used in factories, especially car ones, to put an item together. Amazon has also made a new way to deliver packages. They are developing a drone that will drop your package off. They would be very effective in cities, as these drones can only fly in a five mile radius of the packaging area. Also these drones can carry most of Amazon's products. Robots also improve scientific studies. The Dante 2 climbs into volcanoes and gathers information for scientists. This spider-like robot is making it amazingly safer to study volcanoes. They have learned a lot of new things about volcanoes. Also NASA uses this technology too. They send rovers to Mars that collect rocks, dirt and dust that scientists can study back on Earth. This lets scientists learn about places that humans cannot go to.
The Curious Life of a Mars Rover - Nat Geo Live


Robots also be used for your enjoyment. One type of robot is the Robo-pet. They are made to act like animals. They want your attention and you can also teach them tricks. They don't need to be walked or feed though. Even if you're allergic to animals, you aren't allergic to a robot one. Robots can also play with other robots! For example, college students have made some that can play hockey all by themselves! Robots can help to entertain your pets. I-Pet has made a robot that pulls a string for kittens to chase, providing it with hours of fun.
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Robots for You

Robots aren’t just for adults, they are for everyone! A good robot to start out with is a drone. Drones are robots that fly and look like a miniature helicopter. You could have a simple four bladed one, or a complex octodrone, that has eight blades. You can buy ones or get a kit to build your own! Mindstorms, made by Lego, has endless robotic possibilities. You have to build it, just like any other Lego kit. But then you can program it to do everything from moving to sorting colors. Simple or complex, this kit gives unlimited hours of fun.

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Robots are no longer science fiction, they are now a reality and hold the key to human advancement. Robots improve lives, save lives and can even entertain you! Welcome to the wonderful world of robots!