Middle School Tips

Starting middle school? This can help!

First Day of School!

1.)On your first day of school you might have a little bit of trouble with things like your locker,finding your classes and knowing what class to go to and when.

2.)Don't be afraid to ask a teacher where your classes are and things like asking for help with your locker combination.

3.)You will probably get lost and be warn out by the end of the day but i promise you will get the hang of it and have this Middle School thing down in no time!

Going To Classes!

1.)Going to classes is easy but you can get lost in your first couple weeks of middle school.It's a big schools so don't beat yourself up over it.

2.)You can always ask a teacher or a friend don't be embarrassed it happens to everyone!

3.)When you get your school schedule you can always right where to go so you don't get lost anymore.


Teacher:A person who teaches, especially in a school.

Classes:People are divided by based on perceived social or economic status.

Mastery:A grade that is the best you can get in other words it's and (A).

Big:Of considerable size,extent,or intensity.

Everyone:Every person

By:Kate Watson

I hope this helped you very much!Remember middle school is easy once you get the hang of it!!!