Stock Broker

MAtthew Jurasinski

What does a stock broker do?

A stock broker has to manage the financial portfolio of a client, research the financial market, consult investment analysts, monitor your clients investments, report to your clients, and pitch for new clients.


There are so many ways this job pertains to Graphs. There are graphs. Mainly line graphs but, some graphs can be pie graphs or bars graphs. These graphs are used for stocks.


The salary can be 41,940 to 132,040. And since may 2011 the average salary is 98,810.

6 Point Plan

Research the financial market

Consult investment analysts

Report to your clients

monitor your clients investment

Pitch for new clients


Walls Street

A street in New York City which is the major financial center of the U.S. This is the headquarters of the U.S brokerage and investment banks.

This is a video on about Stock Brokers and what they do.

Stockbroker Career