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Carly Spies; Editor-in-Chief


CHICAGO, IL- Child labor has reached new extremes. Boys and girls are working long hours in horrible conditions. Children are used in factories because they are smaller, and often times work much quicker than adults. Also, children don't have to be paid as much. The conditions of the factories make it very dangerous, and the kids often get hurt.

These long hours prevent children from having a childhood. They work to help their families, but they don't get an education. The kids go to work at seven in the morning, and don't get done until six at night. This leaves them no time to play or to learn. Most of these factories and tenement houses have no windows, and have many people shoved into a small area. These children deserve a better life. They should be going to school, playing outside, and making memories.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Immigration is at it's peak right now. More than 15 million immigrants have come to America in the last 15 years. The United States is in a very progressive time period. New ideas and change have come to the United States. Although immigrants are what have shaped the United States, some people aren't so welcoming.

In this political cartoon, it shows an immigrant crossing a bridge, while five men hold up their hands, telling him to stop. The five men look wealthy, but they have large shadows behind them, representing their former selves. The men used to be immigrants just like the man crossing the bridge. These men are being very hypocritical because they were immigrants at one time just like him. They are living the American dream, yet preventing it from someone else.


Washington DC- The Spanish-American war is over, yet the government still wants to be involved in other nations problems. The United States has enough problems of it's own. Annexing the Philippines would not only violate self-government, it would go against all that America stands for. Annexing the Philippines would cause exporting oppression. We can't even avoid violence and racism in America, what makes the government think that they could help the Filipinos do this? Another major problem that comes with the annexation of the Philippines is that it would cause new immigrants to come to the United States. Some Americans can't find jobs now, if there was a rush of immigrants, many Americans would be jobless. This would lead t many more problems in our own nation.
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Everyone has a part in helping the Allies win the war. Save food for the soldiers so they can be strong while they are fighting for our country. Buy only what you need, and never waste anything. Do what you can here in America so the soldiers can do all that they can in Europe.


FOR SALE- Have your very own vehicle for personal use. Beginning at $1000. Contact Detroit Automobile Company, Detroit, Michigan.

WANTED- Female operator for telegraph. Must be over 5 feet tall and be a native English speaker! Learn to use a switchboard!

SERVICES- Looking for light? Indoor lighting now available! Call your local electrician for more information.

WANTED- All Americans should participate in "meatless Mondays" and "wheatless Wednesdays". Save food for the Soldiers!

SERVICES- All men ages 21-30 must register to be drafted. Go to your local draft board to register today!

FOR SALE- Want to get your child something special? Get them their own teddy bear from Knickerbocker Toy Company, New York City.


WASHINGTON DC- On May 7, 1915, a German U-boat fired a torpedo at the British ocean liner, the RMS Lusitania. The Lusitania was going from New York City to Liverpool. Around 2:10 in the afternoon, near the coast of Ireland, the torpedo hit the Lusitania. Within 18 minutes the ship sank, killing 1200 people, including 128 Americans.

The ship departed New York on May 1st. British merchant ships had already been sunk by German U-boats before the ship left. The Lusitania got too close to the shore, where many U-boats are. The single torpedo hit the Lusitania setting off a secondary blast. The captain of the Lusitania, Captain Turner, did survive, after spending over three hours in the water.

This horrible incident has caused outrage across the United States. President Wilson believes that Germany's actions are violating the laws of neutrality. He warned Germany that if American lives were lost, he would hold the nation responsible.


Glenna Collect is known as the greatest female golfer of this time. On June 20, 1903, Glenna was born in New Haven, Connecticut. She was raised in Providence Rhode Island, and was always around sports. Everyone could tell that Collect was going to be a great athlete at a young age. At the age of 14, she began to golf. Her teacher was former British Open Champion, Alex Smith.

Collect has now won six U.S. Amateur Championships, two Canadian Ladies Opens, and the French Ladies Open. She definitely knows what it takes to be successful. Collect said, "To make oneself a successful match player, there are certain qualities to be sought after, certain ideas must be kept in mind and certain phases of one's attitude towards the game that come in for special notice. The three I have taken are these: love of combat, serenity of mind and fearlessness."

One thing that makes Collect such a dominant player is her strength. She can hit the ball harder than any other women. One of her drives measured 307 yards! Her competition has great respect for her. To Collect winning isn't everything. Her sportsmanship is amazing, and she never underestimates her competition. Joyce Wethered of Great Britain, one of the only woman golfers who can compare to Collect said, "Her charm to mind as a golfer and a companion lies in a freedom of spirit which does not make her feel that success is everything in the world."


NEW YORK CITY, NY- On November 18, 1928, Steamboat Willie was released. It is the first cartoon with synchronized sound! This cartoon was produced by Walt Disney and directed by Ub Iwerks. Steamboat Willie is now in theaters near you! Come see what a cartoon with sound is like!


The Gilded Age

California (CA)

Capitol: Sacramento

Nickname: "The Golden State"

On April 18, 1906 in San Francisco, California, a massive earthquake struck along the San Andreas fault. Although it lasted less than a minute, it killed about 3,000 people and left over 400,000 homeless. Fires went on for three days. Survivors are now facing many challenges, including sleeping in tents in the cities parks.

Progressive Era and Imperialism

Massachusetts (MA)

Capital: Boston

Nickname: "The Bay State"

The worlds first basketball game was played in Springfield, Massachusetts, on December 21,1891. James Naismith invented basketball to occupy a gym class during the winter. He nailed a peach basket to the lower rail of a balcony, and used a soccer ball to play. The students loved it and within weeks people were coming to watch. Only a few months later, basketball is now spreading throughout the U.S.


New York (NY)

Capital: Albany

Nickname: "The Empire State"

America's largest city, New York City, is becoming the symbol of this nation. The population is growing dramatically. Instead of expanding outward, the city is expanding upward. The construction of skyscrapers is because of the new technologies- improved heating and plumbing, elevators, and steel framing.

Roaring 20s

Arizona (AZ)

Capital: Phoenix

Nickname: "The Grand Canyon State"

The Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona. It measures over 270 miles long, and is up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep. In 1919 it became a National Park. The size and beauty are what make the Grand Canyon known throughout the world.