What is Middle School like?

By Alyssa Giddens

How do I use block schedule

How to work lockers.

When you first go into 6th you have to figure out how to open you locker. The trick is to go right left right and there you got it and open locker. 6th grade is located in the orange house. It's easier to find your classes because they are right next to each other.
It is really not that hard for 6th grade because it is almost like 5th grade. But you wonder "how do I work block schedule"? Usually you would have seven classes in a day but not East you only have four but including encore you have 5. It's a bigger school because you have 6th ,7th,and 8th. It's easier to remember 6th is upstairs 7th is downstairs and 8th grade is up stairs to.

All day every day

Block scheduling is easy just think about only four classes but they are all an hour and a half encore is only 45 minutes. You might think it takes forever but it makes the day go a lot faster. In some schools they have seven classes a day for 45 minutes but it makes the day seem so much longer all those classes right.

confusing block schedule

We have A and B days every Monday,Wednesday,are A days and Tuesday,Thursday and fridays you do all classes for forty five minutes it goes 1A,1B,2A,2B,3A,3B,4A,4B confusing right but don't worry you will get used to it. You also have two semesters everyone has to have gym,tech, and drama its not a choice its a core class.

Mr. Sexson

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Vice principal Mr.Weaver

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