ELC Newsletter

December 4th, 2015

Welcome Mrs. Ahrens

We are excited to welcome DeeAnn Ahrens as our new instructional assistant working with Mrs. Guelig and Mrs. Milanowski. She and her family have recently moved into North Fond du Lac and her children attend St. Paul's. She has prior experience as an educational assistant, as well as with students of varying disabilitites. Welcome to the ELC Family!

PALS updates

The new report available in PALS is the grade level summary report. You will be able to look at the entire grade-- 4K through second grade in terms of where they were as a group now. Additionally, the grouping function, will be moved to the History/Growth tab as of 12/18/2015.

PLC Discussions

Please remember to talk about attendance at WSRA within the PLC and to let me know who will be representing ELC in February this year.

Secondly, one teacher from ELC is being requested to attend the the " Creating Positive Change and Cultivating a Healthy School Culture" workshop on February 25-26th. Anthony Muhammed and Tom Hierck will be presenters. For those of you who were interested in the FIRST Education 2016, these presenters will discuss how to create a learning first environment working through transformational leadership. Please let me know if you are interested in representing ELC at this also.

The Story of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Day is observed on December 6th in western cultures and on December 19th in Eastern cultures. It is a festival celebrated especially in regard to St. Nicholas as the bringer of gifts. It is celebrated differently by countries even today. In the United States, it began as children leaving their shoes out in the foyer on St. Nicholas' Eve in hopes that some coins would be places in those shoes by mornings. Many families here continue to celebrate this tradition with money, candy, shoes or socks. I hope all of you share a Happy St. Nick's Day with family and friends.....

Don't forget to sign up

At ELC, we have developed a tradition of celebrating together as a family with the famous ELC Potluck just a few days before Christmas. Many of you are excellent cooks or bakers. The sign up sheet is in the office and the ELC Christmas Potluck for everyone is on Monday, March 21st this year!

Planning way ahead

Thank you to Mrs. Hock for setting up the date of our spring program already at the HMHS PAC. The Kindergarten Spring Program will be on Friday, April 15th, 2016 this year!

Upcoming Events at ELC

12/21/2015: ELC Potluck

12/22/2015: Last Day of School in 2015

12/23-1/3/16: Winter Break

1/4/16: First day of school in 2016

1/5/16: ELC Staff Meeting

1/15/2016: End of semester

1/18/2016: District In Service Day

My Out of School Meetings Next Week

12/7: 7:15 FLC PST meeting; 2: 45 Team Achieve; 5:00 IEP at Roberts Elementary in FdL

12/8: 9:00 Admin

12/9: 8:30 BAMS BCT meeting

12/10: CSI Steering Committee at Boys/Girls Club 12:00-1:00; 4:00 EL Christmas Program Feliz Navidad!

12/11: 7:45 FLC Special Education meeting