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The Strategic Plan Verification Project Newsletter: June 2017, #8

What's Next in UMD Strategic Plan Support?

Happy Spring! Welcome to the 8th edition of our newsletter.

The first report of the Strategic Plan Verification Team has been released and can be found at this link: JSE Strategic Plan Benchmark Report, Jan. 2017

Black History Month At Noyes

Noyes Children’s Center Education Program celebrated Black History Month in February with a Fair celebrating notable African Americans. Students displayed work they created in Science and Social Studies class. In Social Studies students created trifold boards documenting many historical and cultural events in black history. In Science class students researched and choose an African-American inventor and produced a display of important information about that person. The students were then tasked with constructing a replica of each invention using only cardboard, tape, and a few arts supplies. The students did a phenomenal job of utilizing their imagination and critical thinking skills to produce projects on people such as Sarah Boone, Barack Obama, Benjamin Bradley and Garrett Morgan.

Street Entrepreneurs at Waxter

The young women at Waxter participated in a Street Entrepreneur workshop given by Juliana Cardona Mejca, a small business owner and bank consultant. The sessions were sponsored by The Voice: Juvenile Justice a club at the University of Maryland that has hosted poetry exchanges at Waxter and Maya Angelo Academy.

On one Friday in March, students in Dr. Garcia’s English Language Arts classes imagined businesses as a part of their futures. The workshop began with an interview activity to get at the core of their interests and passions. Then Ms. Mejca helped students frame interests, brainstorming three ideas and grouping them into categories such as salons/beauty, lounge/clubs, food, clothing and others. Ms. Mejca channeled student energy and prodded students to be creative and develop a prototype poster with everything to know about their choice of business including the name, slogan, customers, prices, advertising strategy. Students responded and came up with amazingly specific work, for example, a nail salon with a fish tank for descaling feet, a mobile hair weave van, cupcakes and candy store with “Blue Love” flavor, a club with food/drink/entertainment in under 18 and over 21 areas.

All throughout, Ms. Mejca told about her successful initiatives in a way that captivated the young women who came away imagining themselves making money on their own doing something that they are passionate about. This could lead to a Level-two Street Entrepreneurs program where ideas are tested, monetized and made into business plans. This topic could be a part of CRD in other facilities. Congratulations to Waxter school staff, DJS (provided snacks at Waxter), Laura Miller from The Voice and Ms. Mejca. Here is a youtube that tells more about the Street Entrepreneurs program: .

From Street Entrepreneurs:

Street Entrepreneurs with founder and CEO, Juliana Cardona Mejia, and the University of Maryland College Park "The Voice" Club brought an exciting day of entrepreneurship to the girls at Waxter. Juliana Mejia conducted one of her entrepreneurship workshops, with the assistance of Laura Miller from the University of Maryland College Park, in order to encourage the girls to identify their skills and passions. They introduced how the Street Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit organization, could possibly support the girls in turning their skills/ideas into a business in the future. The young ladies of Waxter enjoyed the dynamic experience in sharing their ideas and skills. We will continue our relationship with the Street Entrepreneurs and will offer further entrepreneur workshops in the future in order to build upon these skills and ideas and hopefully one day create our own Waxter success story.


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Maryland JSE Facilities Participate in CEEAS Words Unlocked 2017

Words Unlocked 2017: Poets strike the “temple bell of authenticity”

"They were all strong, they all dove into the ether realm of anguish and confusion and struck the temple bell of authenticity— I’m proud of them, they all have unique voices, clear and genuine, their affection gripped me and their sincerity was compelling— I applaud them all for a commendable effort!"

-- Jimmy Santiago Baca, Lead Reviewing Artist

Here is a LINK to the winning poems. This year, nearly 1000 poems were submitted from 27 states across 78 facilities. We are happy to report that three Maryland facilities participated in Words Unlocked this year.
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Strategic Plan Newsletters Have a Link

This is the 8th edition of the Strategic Plan Update, newsletter published as a part of the partnership of MSDE/JSE and the University of Maryland. Many of you have received the link to the newsletter on the website,, via email. To reach more viewers (and those that may have gone to SPAM) we have made the newsletter available through the JSE homepage (tab to the left – University of Maryland Partnership) where pdfs of Updates will be archived. We hope you read and tell others to view updates on the Strategic Plan implementation, JSE news and events. Find out more here:

We will continue to archive Updates and periodic project reports.

The Strategic Plan Verification Project

The team from the UM has been working with the JSES leadership team and coordinators to revise the Strategic Plan. Draft versions of the Plan have been discussed at leadership team meetings and with representatives from DJS and the advocacy community. Among other things, the UM team is attempting to create a more manageable document that provides criteria for meeting specific benchmarks for the operation of the JSES. The revised Strategic Plan maintains the five broad areas contained in the original Plan: Climate, Resources, Recruitment & Staffing, Curriculum, and Reentry. We anticipate having a final version of the revised Plan available later this summer.