Goddess of Wisdom

General Information

Athena (Roman name: Minerva) was the goddess of wisdom, strategy, warfare, art, literature, and skill. She is the daughter of Zeus. Her birth was unique since she didn’t have a mother, instead she sprang out of her father’s forehead as a full grown woman. She resides in Mount Olympus with the other gods.

Physical Description

Athena was a tall, slim, woman with bluish-green eyes and wore suit of armor and a golden helmet. The helmet she wore was to scare her enemies. She was fierce and brave in battle so her symbols were the distaff, spear, and the aegis. Her favorite tree was the olive tree and her favorite animal was the owl.
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Background Information (1 and 2)


Since Athena was wise and powerful she and Poseidon got into a contest deciding which one of them would be the leader of Attica. Poseidon made saltwater gush into streams and river making floods but Athena made an olive tree grow. Even though the action was small the other gods proclaimed her as the new ruler of Attica.


In Greek mythology it is said that a statue of Athena called Palladium is supposed to protect everyone in the city it stands on. One day when Pallas and Athena were fighting Zeus intervened and hit Pallas. Athena took advantage of that and killed her. After that she felt guilty and put Pallas's name before her own.

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Athena's relationship with her family is Zeus, her father, who had an affair with a nymph and she ended up pregnant. Since a prophecy stated that his first unborn son would kill him he ate the nymph. One day he got a painful headache and it just kept getting worse. Finally he asked the gods to help him and split open his forehead. In doing so Athena the goddess of wisdom was born. She came out a full grown woman in sparkling gold armor and was dressed for war.

Present-Day Information

During the time when the U.S. was ruled by King George III the U.S. sent a petition to King George and it was called the Olive Branch Petition to represent peace between the English and the Americans. Since Athena was the goddess of peace and wisdom, her symbol was the olive branch, and this symbol is used to represent peace and calmness which was shown during U.S.’s fight for freedom.


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