Kadir Nelson

Heart and Soul

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His Childhood

Kadir Nelson was born in 1974. Ever since he was three years old, Kadir has shown great talent in art. His uncle was an art teacher, and he had encouraged him to keep painting.

Him as an Artist and an Author

He had kept painting and he had entered painting contests, one of which he won a scholarship to attend the Pratt institute in Brooklyn. He had originally enrolled in the architecture program, but he decided to switch his major to art and painting. Soon after graduating, he was hired by DreamWorks as visual development. Kadir also worked on designs for the Coca-Cola company, the U.S. postal service, the Major League baseball, etc. Kadir was also an author, writing many books including Heart and Soul. He has also won many awards for his art and books such as the Coretta Scott Key award, Caldecott honor Casey award , the Sibert medal, etc.

His Inspiration for Heart and Soul

Kadir had stated that drawing and writing about American history made the subject come alive to him and that painting African American history pushed him to learn more about himself. Kadir's family was also a great inspiration for Heart and Soul.