Race Against The Climate Change☀️

The Greatest National Security threat, Julia Sierzega

An Unknown Dilemma

✭We need to let everyone know that Earth is in great danger before it's too late✭

With your help we can create a series that tells you the problems and how we can save out planet

What you might encounter when you donate!

$5: Recognition, high five

$15: Social Media Savvy

$25: Virtual Spirit Bear

$40: Wildlife for your wall or eye candy

$50: Groovy Garb or Climate man coffee cup

$65: Climate man t-shirt

$120: Make a statement

$250: Climate man Coffee cup for your whole team

$500: Expert consulting

$1000: Rare photo of Canada's spirit bear

$1200: Original artwork

$2000: Premium package

$2,200: One article from the national observer about you

$3,000: Creative exposure

$7,500: original climate man painting

$8,000: Trip to Canada's Great bear rainforest


This project will only be funded if at least $60,000 CAD is pledged by Thu, Apr 21 2016 2:23 PM EDT.