Victorian medicine and science

By:Maria isaza


"...The Victorian era was full of medical practice,the possible wealth,rank,and social status that were assosiated with the practice of medicine appealed to many...". Medicine was practiced often by people with very different licences. Elizabeth Blackwell was born in Britain. she was the first female physician to recieve a degree in the U.S. "...Elizabeth eventually opened her own womens medical school and infirmary...". Promising progress was made amid during the Victorian era. Specialists and doctors involved the the most evaluated rung on the social step.


Victorian logical speculation developed from the primitive miasma hypothesis in view of smell to a progressed bacterial comprehension. Despite the fact that moves made to enhance well being were frequently established upon broken hypotheses, thee way of life was by and by made strides. Before the century was over the Victorians comprehended the requirement of general cleanliness. Through exploration and advancement , hypotheses were refined and made to facilitate the reason for medication . Before the end of the Victorian era , exploratory hypotheses had been affirmed. The life range for the average human was expanded.


Connection to present

Medicine and practices ha advanced a lot since the Victorian era. During the Victorian era there were many medical breakthroughs . Victorian doctors would use leeches and snake oil to cure diseases. Now we use more advanced techniques and safer treatment. At one point there was a battery charged with electricity known as a cure for everything. Even though we don't use Victorian medicine any longer , there were some medical breakthroughs that helped us advance . Now we know much more about medicine and understand it better.


Medicine and science during the Victorian era added to and changed Society in many ways. During the Victorian era the idea of science began to emerge. Most of the time, attempt to improve health resulted in failure. "...three primary theories prevailed in Victorian medical and scientific theories...". Fairies were known as the misma, bacterial,and germ theories. "... by the end of the century victorians understood the need for science medicine and general cleanliness...".

Five fun facts

  • During the Victorian era being mentally ill wasn't recognized as a disease.
  • Elderly people or the incurable ill often ended up in poor law infirmaries(hospitals within workhouses).
  • Voluntary hospitals where hospitals where doctors volunteered to help the poor in elderly that couldn't afford Medical Care.
  • Specialist hospitals began to emerge during the Victorian era.
  • Hospitals were seen as "gateways of death".


Many things influenced medicine during the Victorian era. One thing that influenced it mostly were diseases like small pox, scarlet fever, and measles.Death rates increased. This was an opportunity for doctors to advance.During the cholera there was a major breakthrough. Dr. john snow proved that cholera was spread by contaminated water. This discovery led to an increase the research within the medical breakthrough.