Refugees in Command Economy

Steven VIllatoro Robert Vaughan

Why Command Economy ?

A command economy would be best for these people escaping from their countries due to War, everyone would be on the same level economically and socially. This kind of economy would have a central authority that would distribute factors of production and evenly use it to give to all the refugees. In the end people would be able to receive benefits that their neighbors have as well, the poor and the rich would be the same and their would be no discrimination based on social class. It really depends on how a Command economy is brought upon, the basic idea of a command economy is to make it as much of a Utopia as possible, but truly there isn't gonna be a true Utopia but you can get as close as you can to it.

Disadvantages of Command Economy

A disadvantage of Command Economy is that needs of people are usually ignored and the people who in live in such economy don't have much of a choice of where they want to work. Sometime's the government will mass produce an item that isnt needed and not produce enough of another item that will not be enough to support the economic needs of the people. The government controlling this economy has a difficult time obtaining information to support the economic needs of the people.

How is this economy better than any other ?

In the Command economy we are trying to introduce we want to make our refugees capable of living there for a period of time, not one group of refugees will have more than another, depending on the amount of people in that group or family. Each refugee group will be given payment, healthcare, and other benefits that will help them recover. The reason why our economic system is better than traditional, free, or socialist economy is because our plan wont be too wild and not up to date nor will it have a uncertain future like a free market. We know that Command Economy has a degree of a bad reputation with most people but we think that if we are going to help this refugees we have to start them off fresh and new and all on an equal level and keep them that way. The way our " Command " will go is a lot more revised and fixed for the people to get more out of it. They will not have much freedom yes, but this refugees are only temporarily living here until they can go back to the ways they used to follow.
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