Middle colonies


  • founded in 1682 by William Penn.
  • King Charles II of England specified in the charter given to William Penn that the name should be Pennsylvania.
  • Reason for Founding: Religious freedom for Quakers; trade and profits.
  • The Colony became a state on December 12, 1787.


  • founded in 1638 by peter Muniut.
  • Named after the Delaware River whose name was derived from that of Sir Thomas West (Lord de la Warr) who was Virginia Company's first governor.
  • Delaware river and bay were first explored on behalf of the Dutch by Henry Hudson in 1609, and more thoroughly in 1615-1616 by Cornelius Hendrikson, whose reports did much to cause the incorporation of the Dutch West India Company
  • The first settlement on Delaware soil was made under the auspices of members of the Dutch West India Company in 1638 near the site of the present Lewes.