4 years old

Bethany Smith

Physical Characteristics

Four-year-olds can be a joy to be around, as they quickly learn new skills and gain insight into the world that surrounds them. Unlike infants, they also have the language ability to share their unique perspectives. Physical development and rapid expansion of motor skills help account for the sense of wonder that's exuded by many preschoolers.

Motor Skills

.Say his or her name and age
  • Speak 250 to 500 words
  • Answer simple questions
  • Speak in sentences of five to six words, and speak in complete sentences by age 4
  • Speak clearly
  • Tell stories

Emotional Characteristics

emotional development is seen in every area of a child's life. A child will have a strong foundation for later development if he or she can manage personal feelings, understand others' feelings and needs, and interact positively with others.