How Lucky became a PT

By: Javon Lipscombe

How it all started

What made Lucky want to become a physical therapist (PT). It was because of the sports she played in high school, which was field hockey and track. When she started trying to pursue her career she did a lot of observation, that helped her be successful. When she got into college she told me it wasn't easy, because she had to get a undergraduate degree in something and a clinical doctoral degree and she had no clue what she wanted her undergraduate to be. The only easy part was she had a tuition reimbursement of $10,000. It took her about 7 1/2 years before she was an official PT and she's been one since 2007.

Growing occupation

When ever you do become a therapist you have to be able to have people skills, diagnostic skills, flexibility and be able to think outside the box on how to help your patients get back to their full strength. If she didn't like her current job anymore her but outlook on her profession is very excellent, because she has one of the most fastest growing careers in the medical field. There's always room for advancements, she could become a special or athletic therapist or even a lead therapist.

What goes on at the job

Her typical day is having a patient comes in at least every 45 minutes and they all have different injuries 90% of the time, the other 10% is paper work. The things she finds most interesting about her job is she gets to work on different parts of the human body, and it never gets boring for her. Although, the only thing she doesn't like about her job is dealing with insurance companies and doing the paper work. She works up to about 40 hours a week, she works every other weekend, but she doesn't work in the evenings. When she gets her vacation time she's only allowed three weeks but with pay. She told me it is one of the most enjoyable things everyday of her life and hope she's able to do this for as long as she lives.