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Pearland ISD Technology Department Newsletter October 2017

Welcome to the Pearland ISD Educational Technology Newsletter. We want to share informative and useful information regarding Educational Technology from Pearland and around the globe. We hope you enjoy our very first district-wide newsletter!

Pearland ISD Information Security Informational Video

Log in to your Office 365 account below to view important information regarding Information Security, Acceptable Use, and website access in Pearland ISD.

National Cyber-Security Awareness Month October 2017

October is National Cyber-Security Awareness Month, but keeping your information safe is something that you should consider everyday. Cyber criminals do not discriminate. They target vulnerable systems and people. Cyber-security is the shared responsibility of everyone in Pearland ISD, especially when it comes to protecting our students and our information.

The Department of Homeland Security has a wealth of resources for teachers, parents, and students from Pre-K to 12th grade and beyond. The Stop. Think. Connect. Resources are available for download.

Simple Tips from Stop. Think. Connect.
1. Keep a clean machine. Like your smartphone or PC, keep any device that connects to the Internet free from viruses and malware. Update the software regularly on the device itself as well as the apps you use to control the device.
2. Think twice about your device. Have a solid understanding of how a device works, the nature of its connection to the Internet, and the type of information it stores and transmits.
3. Secure your network. Properly secure the wireless network you use to connect Internet enabled devices.

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Gone Phishing??

Pearland ISD has experienced several phishing attempts in recent weeks. The Technology Department can assure you that we would never ask you for your personal information. We can also safely say that we would never send out an email telling you we are migrating from Exchange to Gmail and that you need to complete a form in order for that to happen.

Don't get hooked by someone phishing for your information. They only want it to use for harmful online behavior.

Here is an example of a recent phishing attempt:

From: Internet PHISHER
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 4:01 PM
Subject: pearlandisd Outlook

pearlandisd Outlook have changed to Google Mail Click here Fill and Submit to be updated to avoid Outlook shutdown.

If you suspect a phishing email of this sort, please don't click on any links. Report it immediately to the Technology Department. Help us keep our systems safe.

Digital Citizenship Week is October 16-20

Do You Have Lessons Ready for Digital Citizenship Week?

If you haven't had a chance to work with your ETS for this week's lessons, Common Sense Media has ready-to-use activities on Digital Citizenship for all grade levels. Our students need to be empowered to be critical thinkers, safe users of digital content, and respectful contributors who act responsibly in our digital world. Digital Citizenship should be discussed every time your students are online or use any sort of online device. Your Educational Technology Specialist has lessons and activities to share in the weeks to follow.


Eduphoria Updates

Eduphoria Strive has released a fix for the errors associated with teachers being able to view their walkthroughs and evaluations. Teachers are now able to submit their Teacher Technology Self-Assessment. An email was sent out with information on what you can do to ensure you can work within Strive. If you are experiencing any issues, please report them with details to

The Teacher Technology Self-Assessment is due on October 27th. If your teachers need help filling out their assessment, your Educational Technology Specialist will be available to provide that support.

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