Special Services

December 14, 2015


No birthdays this week.

PSA Final Version

Jacoby Sneddon is Graduating!!!!

Report on PESI Self Regulation Live Video Webcast

Thanks to everyone that attended the training on Thursday. Great information was presented. If you were unable to attend and want to know more about it please, ask someone that did attend.

Peer Review Group #4 Wednesday, December 16

Cheryl Howard, Beckee Staker, Kate Hicks

New Special Education Teacher Training

Please click on the link below to register.
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Click below to register!!!!

Additional Information:

This three part webinar series will explore multidimensional lessons that encourage the participation of students on the spectrum and help them reach their individuals goals. The first session will focus on how a learner's special interests can serve as supports, teaching tools, inspirations, and hobbies. Session two will teach participants ten different low-tech strategies that provide students with opportunities to share ideas, practice communication skills, and learn augmentative and alternative communication. In the final webinar, participants will learn practical ways of supporting students with autism spectrum labels and other disabilities within a general education classroom.
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