STF 1st Cycle Application


Campus Staff and Faculty and Students,

The first funding cycle has an application deadline of January 14th. The committee will have over $655,000 available for this cycle. If approved, funds will be available May 1st and must be spent by June 1st. This is the first funding cycle for this year. The second funding cycle will take place in February.

The application and instructions for submitting requests can be found on the Student Technology Fee web site: Please read the instructions and proposal form very carefully before you decide to apply. Applications will be due by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 14th. Questions regarding the process can be directed towards Terry Hill, STFC advisor, at

The Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) is a committee of students who are appointed by the ASUWB to serve 1-year terms. This student committee is responsible for reviewing and funding proposals related to the technology fee that each student pays (currently $42/quarter). Any current student or staff member has the ability to submit proposals.

The Student Technology Fee was established to help supplement the availability of technology to UWB students and to provide opportunities for innovative facilities and projects that require capital investment. Each year, the STF Committee solicits a variety of student technology proposals for projects that meet the demonstrated technology needs of students and allow them to further their education and research goals.

The fee supplements University or external funding of technology for student use. Money from the fee is not used to fund items that should properly be funded by legislative or administrative funds. If funding is critical to a programs curriculum, this is not the appropriate funding source. Funding for projects are made on a yearly-basis, hence proposals made to the committee should not be contingent upon subsequent years of funding.

Proposals must show that the primary benefit is to students, include a summary of student input, provide a long term plan for operation, and address issues of student access.

The UW Bothell Student Technology Fee Committee defines technology as enhancing and improving the quality of student learning through technology services and equipment such as (but not limited to):

  • Electronics (ie. Televisions, computers, VCR/DVD player, cameras, etc.)
  • Software
  • Computing systems
  • Mechanical engineering (dealing with machines)

* Decisions will be based on the benefits provided to the student body.

* The UW Bothell Student Technology Fee Committee will not fund equipment that is required for course instruction.

* Immediate exclusions that will not be funded: furniture, motor vehicles, consumable equipment and recurring maintenance.

The Student Technology Fee Committee will fund initial infrastructure costs (that aid in supporting the technology) from the wall out. Wall mounts and cable installations are examples of infrastructure that would be funded by the committee.

There are certain infrastructure costs that the STFC will not fund, such as:

- Core drilling

- Livening ports

* If you are unsure if your application will qualify based on the definitions of Infrastructure and Technology, we still would encourage you to submit the application. We also recommend that you refer to our bylaws prior to submitting the application.

Instructions for Submitting Proposals

1. Download a copy of the worksheet ( to submit online. Read the following documents:

2. All proposals must be reviewed by Tony Guerrero and Mikal Herman before they are submitted online. You should submit these for their review by January 2nd.

3. Change the name of the worksheet file to the title of your proposal before you submit it online. For instance: android_tutors.doc

Proposals must be submitted online by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 14th. Submit here:

Important Dates

Applicants will be notified the week of January 19th if a hearing is requested for their proposal. Hearing dates and times will be February 6th and February 20th from 9-11am. A preliminary budget will be announced the week of March 9th and the final budget will be voted on by March 20th. Budgets will be available for use by May 1st and must be spent by June 1st, 2015, unless you are making a long-term request.