Get Ready for Spring!

TLT is here to help!

As the fall semester comes to a close, we want to remind you of a few OAKS features that will make getting ready for the spring a breeze!

Start of the Semester Checklist

This checklist ( will help ensure that your OAKS courses are ready for the start of the semester.

Requesting a Crosslist

If you teach more than one section of the same course, you may request a “crosslist” which will combine these sections into one OAKS course. This will merge all students into one course, but they can be filtered by section in the gradebook, classlist, and dropbox. If interested in crosslisting, please take note of the following important guidelines:

  • Crosslisting will erase ALL content which cannot be retrieved. Therefore, crosslist requests must be made before any content has been added or student work has been submitted.

  • Secondly, OAKS special requests can become backlogged at the start of the semester, so it is imperative crosslisting requests are made promptly. Typically, these requests can be fulfilled within three business days; however, if you postpone submitting the request form until the week classes begin, be prepared for a longer turnaround time.

  • Finally, if making multiple crosslist requests, please complete separate forms for each request. For example, if you are teaching two sections of Technology 110 and two sections of Technology 115, please complete one crosslist form for each course. This assists our workflow, ensuring the proper sections are combined.

To request a crosslisting, complete the Request to Crosslist form available on the OAKS Homepage in the OAKS Requests widget.

Extending Course Start and End Dates

Instructors can also request that their OAKS courses be available to students beyond the normal course start and end dates. For example, if you have a reading you would like students to complete before the first day of class, you might request your OAKS course opens one week before classes begin.

Please note that requests should not extend the start or end dates beyond two weeks. We have other procedures in place to handle special circumstances, such as a student with an incomplete grade.

Copying Content From One OAKS Course To Another

You can copy content and settings from an old OAKS course into a new course so you don't have to rebuild. We call it "rolling" your content using the "Import/Export/Copy Components" tool.

You can copy the entire course, including grade book settings and quizzes, or you can choose specific components to copy. NOTE: After you copy content, you will need to update any dates or restrictions because OAKS will maintain the old dates.

Click on this link for a tutorial:

Requesting a Fake Student

A fake student allows you to take quizzes, submit assignments, and see the gradebook exactly how your students do. This is incredibly useful when a student reports a problem and you need to troubleshoot.

You can request a Fake Student by completing the Request a Special User be added to your OAKS course form available on the OAKS Homepage in the OAKS Requests widget. Allow 3 business days for completion.

OAKS Training

TLT will offer a variety of OAKS training sessions at the beginning of January, including online sessions. Please visit to view a listing and to register for sessions.

If you simply need a refresher or like to learn at your own pace, our text and video-based tutorials are always available at