You Are Invited to our Thanksgiving Party

The Feast of the Year

At this large party, you will be sinking your teeth into sumptuous food you have never had before! Instead of one serving, you may get 2, or even 3! You will have a one serving Appetizer, but for your entree, you would have 3 servings of TURKEY!!! But, your side dishes would make your MOUTH WATER! A Soft, Creamy paste of potatoes! And guess what! You get 2 servings! And then, you get a cake like dish, but it's more crunchy, the SOUTHERN CORNBREAD. As you relax, we will present to you THE PUMPKIN PIE!! A sweet, soft pie with mashed pumpkins will drop into your mouth! And each of us would get about 1 serving! But, your not done yet! There is a......... SWEET POTATO-PECAN CASSEROLE!!! Full of healthy pecans! Sadly, you only get one serving. Then, ya wash it down with some PECAN PIE SODA!! Like again, only one serving. I hope you will come!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)