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Sophia Brya

Mauna Loa

OPPORTUNITIES: Visit this amazing place filled with sunshine, oceans, and giant Volcanoes! If you visit the Mauna Loa then you can see the pretty sights and the biggest volcano on earth!

Challenges: Watch out this volcano has erupted many times in 30 years and can cause a lot of destruction.

Tips: When Volcanoes erupt Lava or Magma will slowly ooz out of the Volcanoes cracks and out of the top of the Volcano. DO NOT TOUCH IT!


- camera

- cloths

- food/water/money

- phone

- towels/bathing suits

Amazon Rain forest

Challenges: If you go to the Amazon Rain forest you will experience preditation, tons of carbon, and you could very easily get lost even with a GPS.

Opportunities: You can have a wonderful time watching the beautiful animals play and hunt. You can smell the exotic plants and pick them to bring home as a souvenir.

Tips: Watch out for poisonous plants and animals. Be careful you may be hunted by Cheetah's, snakes, and biting tranchilla's.

Packing List:

-first aid kit



-rain boots

-warm cloths

-bug spray

-bathing suit/towels



Indian Ocean

Challenges: If you take a boat out into the ocean you could get lost. You would run out of lots of food and water. If you are allergic to sea animals such as: Fish, squid, crab, ect. be very careful and you might want to bring your eppi pen.

Opportunities: Swim in the beautiful aqua sea with dolphins! Go fishing and boating too. You will be enjoying the 3rd largest ocean on Earth. Also visit the mini Islands "floating around" in the big blue ocean.

Tips: Watch out for tsunami's, huge waves, sharks, and icebergs.

Packing List:






-eppi pen

Four ways we break up the earth

- Climate zones

- Countries

- Continents

- States

Other places to visit

- Death Valley

- Mount Everest

- Grand Canyon

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