Fabulous First Grade

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October 2, 2020

Language Workshop

In Language Workshop, students have been practicing their turn-and-talk skills to build meaning and answer questions with their table partner. We have been having wonderful discussions surrounding our unit question, what is the value of community, as well as identifying the lesson of the story, the problem and solution, and ways to describe the main character. Students will be wrapping up this first unit next week!

Math Workshop

This week, we began our second unit in math, which is focused on building fluency with place value (tens and ones) and working on adding and subtracting numbers within twenty. We have started our unit with reading the Double-Decker Bus, which is helping first-grade mathematicians build a strong foundation of numbers to twenty. This is also allowing students to use their problem-solving and reasoning skills while working with their turn-and-talk table partner. Please take a look at the attached Unit Two letter for more information and strategies that can be reinforced at home!

Reading Workshop

In reading, students are working on building their independent reading stamina and are already working on reading on their own for eight minutes! This week, we started to learn about different reading strategies that can be used when coming across new and unfamiliar words. Students have been identifying main characters from their books, as well as using adjectives to describe these characters and other things.


We started our first unit, Earth's Place in the Universe, just a couple short weeks ago, and our first-grade scientists already know so much about the Earth, moon, and sun! This week we have been learning about the different moon phases of a lunar cycle. By now your first grader has brought how their Moon Phase assignment. Please take the time to look at the moon each night and have your student sketch what it looks like. If you miss the moon, please feel free to check out this website: https://www.moongiant.com/phase/today. At the end of the month, we will have students take a picture of their Moon Phase assignment at home to send into Google Classroom.

Writing Workshop

First graders have been working hard on writing their small moment stories. We have been sharing so many special moments in our writing - from beach trips to baking cookies with grandma and more! They have learned how to plan their writing, add details to pictures and writing, and revise to make sure that they have star sentences. Be sure to ask your first grader what they check for to make sure a sentence is a star sentence!

First Grade Daily Schedule

If you need our daily schedule for your own scheduling purposes (doctor, dentist, etc.), please see our first grade daily schedule below.
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Other Updates

iPad Cleaning

  • Please take some time to clean up your student's iPad to ensure the only things on there are school-related. We use iPads throughout the day and need to make sure that any photos, videos, etc. are only school-related to ensure that they have plenty of storage space available. This includes not downloading any apps from Self-Service without teacher approval. Additionally, students should be the only ones using their iPad, so please refrain from allowing other family members to use them.

MAP Testing

  • This week, first graders took their Fall 2020 Math MAP Test. This test allows us to get a better glimpse into where students are and create one-on-one and small group instruction that fits within those needs. Students haven't taken this test since early in 2020 and did an absolutely wonderful job working so hard on it!

School Pictures

  • School pictures will be taking place on Wednesday, October 21st. All orders will be placed online and delivered to your home. More information on orders will be coming from the photography company (Visual Image Photography) approximately a week after picture day.

Water Bottles

  • Please be sure that your student has a full water bottle with them daily. Students do not have access to bubblers this year as a school-wide safeguard.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday 10/7 - Pizza Ranch Dining Night
  • Wednesday 10/14 - Culver's Dining Night
  • Wednesday 10/21 - School Picture Day
  • Wednesday 10/28 - Early Release Day
  • Thursday 10/29 - No School: Fall Break
  • Friday 10/30 - No School: Fall Break

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