JamesTown/John Smith

Jarrod Poe


How much do you think you know about Jamestown or John Smith.One thing we will learn is how the Native Americans trusted and helped John Smith. Second we will learn about how John Smith got help and helped his colony.Third we will learn about how Pocahontas saved John Smith. "History is memory of time,the life of the dead and the happiness of the living".

The Native Americans

Many Native Americans

John Smith made Native American friends, if you want to know how read on!! First when he took JamesTown the Native Americans thought he was strong and they obeyed him. Next when he settled he sent ships to Africa to take helpers but they weren't slaves they soon trusted him because he gave them shelter. Finally the Naive Americans became good friends with John then they started to send him supplies to start his new colony. There is a lot of more facts about the Native Americans but I picked the beast I could find.

John Smith Helps His Colony

John Smith Helps His Colony

Most people wonder how John Smith helped his colony, well i'll tell you. He helped his colony by going on enemy ships and taking resources. He also made a trip to Africa and took helpers to help JamesTown. Last his indian friends gave him supplies to start his new colony. He got lots of help and supplies but he used his supplies to help his colony.

Pocahontas To the Rescue

Pocahontas Saves John Smith

Last what we are going to learn about is how John Smith gets saved by Pocahontas. First people say he got saved by a gun pouder explosion. Second people say he got saved from a attack from Pocahontas's dad. Butt anyway we don't know what's true. But eather way we can't tell what really happened except John or Pocahontas.


A Reveiw of What We Learned.

We learned a lot of things about John hard times with Jamestown. But throughout all of these things is John and his life. He had trouble taking care of his men and Jamestown and himself. He got hurt by earthier a gun pouder explosion or getting attacked but earthier way he got hurt. But he had a harsh life to start this colony but he did it. "History is memory of time, life of the dead and the happiness of the living".