"Stop & Smell the Rosé"

Find out how BinWise has changed beverage management...

The ability to control stock levels, manage suppliers and maintain profit percentages contributes to the difference between an excellent customer experience, and a good dinner in a great place.

BinWise fully supports the aim for excellence and as many of your colleagues in the industry have found, BinWise can make the difference!

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Streamline Your Inventory

· With the ability to scan 50 items per minute, our proprietary barcode system enables you to complete a count in a fraction of the time. And, using our barcode and scanning feature, counters don’t need wine knowledge to count.

· Our perpetual inventory lets you know what you have in stock at all times.

·In depth Variance Reports assist with identifying miscounts and managing shrinkage.

· Consistent cost % and ability to explain fluctuations.

Powerful Purchasing Tools

· Send your orders directly to your sales reps—they can confirm to ensure you get the right product on time, while providing historical data to previous purchases.

·Track your outstanding orders and when products are received they are automatically added to your inventory.

·Reduce your paperwork—BinWise keeps a record of all your purchases and exports to your accounting system.

Sales Integration

· BinWise integrates with your POS system to pull in your daily sales, providing a perpetual inventory and a concise view of your sales and actual cost linked to each item sold.

· Spot-check your perpetual inventory by reviewing your Daily Sales Requisition report that details the previous night’s sales.

· Get daily, weekly, monthly theoretical cost % for wine (bottle and BTG), liquor and beer.

·Track your “lost inventory”, kitchen transfers, employee purchases and wines used for staff education to understand your true costs.

Analytics & Reporting

· Unique SmartView tool gives on-demand information on your cost % providing information on your top and bottom line.

· Product velocity reports, optimize your working capital, what’s hot, what’s not, what it cost you, and how long it’s been sitting in inventory.

· Variance report track your shrinkage and pinpoint operational issues before they become a problem.

·On-demand reporting provides you with better control and tools to effectively manage your beverage program.

Wine Lists

· Perfectly formatted wine list that connects to perpetual inventory and your 86’d list.

· Ensure consistent mark-up and pricing on your wine list and eliminate spelling and vintage errors.

· Leverage the Cellarbook feature to assist with finding wines in your cellar.


See for yourself how BinWise can change the way your view successful beverage management, for the better. Contact your local rep, Kara, to schedule a live demonstration.

Created by sommeliers, for sommeliers, BinWise is the complete beverage management system designed to enhance the way you run your program.