A trip to the unknownworld - SPACE

Once in a lifetime chance...

A 100% guarenteed excellent time with luxury features such as...

* Butler service

* Comfortable fold out chair/bed

* Glass bottom shuttle

* Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks provided

* Heating and cooling

Amazing places we will visit:

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Here are all the details:

This trip is available for people aged from 2 to 90. Two shuttles will be taken away and each shuttle can hold 25 passengers. The 1st shuttle will have a glass bottom for amazing viewing, and the 2nd shuttle will be a fully glass shuttle. This trip goes for 3 weeks and are run 6 times a year. This adventure is jam packed with things that are sure to excite you. The cost for this is $13,990, and for the upgraded fully glass shuttle the price is $19,990. For 3 weeks, it definitely worth it!

Contact us:

This amazing trip won't be around forever so contact us by phone, email, and take a look at our website. Or, even better take a look at our video about safety reassurances on the shuttle.

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