Garrett Morgan Times

By Aniyah Hawthorne

Who?What?When?And Where?

  • When and Where? Garret was born on March 4 1963 in Paris Kentucky.
  • Who? Garrett Morgan was the son of Elizabeth Morgan (an Indian and African American descendant and colonel John Hunt Morgan a former slave and confederate solider.When Garret was older he married a Bavarian ,named Mary Anne Hasske. During their marriage they had three kids.
  • What?Garrett Morgan was most know for his traffic light and gas mask inventions.

Hero of the day!!

In Cleveland Ohio Garrett Morgan had wanted to test his invention, the gas mask .He had heard of an emergency nearby and rushed to the scene.The emergency was that 35 workers were trapped underground after attemting to build a tunnel. Garrett Morgan quickly slipped on his gas mask and tried to save the workers. It worked!! Garrett ended up saving all 35 workers and his invention was a success!!! Soon Garrett began making more mask and evenutally sold them. But some fires staions rejected garrett because he was african american, but the governmaent did not hesite to get the product.(The gas mask was later used inn World War one)This helped our society gratley because now so many lives would not be lost fighting fires.

Lesson learned!

I learned that success can be achieved by any race or color if you belive in yourself and try hard to become that success you want to be !!

Garret Morgan

Garrett morgan was a man who had dreams to make somthing out of his self and he did. Garret Morgan died at age 83 August 27,1963 in his hometown of Cleveland Ohio.His funeral was at Terry Christine funeral home at 12:00 noon. Thanks to Garrett Morgan we now have safe ways of traviling in vechiles because of the traffic light and less firefighters laying their lifes down with the help of the Gas mask.I hope you enjoyed my presentation of The Garrett Morgan Times.