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Growing Kind Hearts & Minds While Inspiring Personal Success

From the Principal

Hello Families,

Happy Kindness Week! We hope that you have all been blessed by your children talking and acting kind all week long. As a building we are working on being PROACTIVE and KIND for our Leader in Me habit. Thank you for assisting your children with ways to be proactive.

We have had a HUGE donation of winter gear and we are so thankful. The students who have been clothed are able to keep those gifts and we have put their name in the items so we can be sure they get returned to the right student. Also, if you could label your child's belongings that would be awesome.

PTO has several things coming up and we are looking forward to the Pancake Breakfast. Don't forget that special readers will be there to entertain your children and the pancakes are amazing!

We will be rolling out our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) manual at our staff meeting and will be sharing information with all of you next week so that you can help us support expectations throughout our building. We hope that it will create a safer environment for all students. Stay tuned for more updates.

As a staff, we are so thankful for your children and for the family support that is given on a daily basis. We are thankful for donations of winter gear. We are thankful for the community partnerships and our outside agencies that provide services. I am thankful for an amazing staff that continue to go above and beyond each and every day!

Our Staff focus for this newsletter is our 2nd grade teachers. Together they have taught for a combined 104 years. They have a passion for preparing our students for 3rd grade. Collaborating together to teach the WHOLE child and make great learners for the transition to a new building in a few months.

Educationally yours,

Tiffany Jackson, Principal

Thanksgiving Break - No School November 27-29

Building Healthy Communities Update: Have a Healthy Thanksgiving!

Some families celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on what they are thankful for. Often times this celebration takes place over a shared feast with family and friends.

Trivia: Can you think of a vegetable that people often have as their holiday dessert?

Answer: Pumpkin!

Your meal can feature other great-tasting fall veggies like sweet potatoes and orange or yellow squashes. Another big component of the meal is often turkey, which is a lean meat if you don’t eat the skin! If your family/guests are hungry and the meal isn’t quite ready, cut up some fruits and veggies for them to munch on. Offering these foods when children are hungry is a great way to increase their acceptance of them. Have a happy and healthy holiday and don’t forget to add some physical activity into your weekend!

Building Your Child’s Sight Word Vocabulary

In the last newsletter, we talked about how important it is for children to learn to recognize words automatically. The more words a child can recognize immediately and read automatically, the easier it is to read fluently. Lots and lots of practice makes a big difference. A fun way to practice some words around your home is to label things in each room. Write labels on pieces of paper and tape them to the objects throughout the house. You can use words like “door,” “bed,” “table,” “chair,” “television,” etc. Have fun going with your child through your home to “read” each room. Eventually, you can take the labels down and use them as flashcards to see if your child is able to read them in isolation (not taped to each object). As your child learns the words you have around the house, add a few more. Have fun!

Drop and Go Spot

If you have to drop off a lunch, hat, mittens, birthday treats, or anything that your student may need during the school day. Please drop these items off at the Stoney Creek Drop and Go Spot. This is located across from the office window in the main lobby. We have 2 responsible students who have the job of bringing these items to the classrooms. When you drop an item or items off there are sticky notes and pens for you to write your students name and teachers name. Please stick the note to the item(s) and they will get delivered before lunch and again after lunch.

Upcoming Events


19 PTO Meeting

21 Title 1 Baking Night

26 Talks with Tiffany 10 a.m.

26 First Grade Friendsgiving

27-29 No School - Thanksgiving Break


7 PTO Pancake Breakfast

19 Classroom Holiday Parties

19 Half Day of School - Dismissal at 12:05 p.m.

20 Half Day of School - Dismissal at 12:05 p.m.

23-January 3, 2020 - NO SCHOOL - Winter Break


6 Back to School

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