By Emma Donoghue

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Major Characters

Jack and Ma are the two main characters of the book, Jack is a young six year old boy who has been locked in a room since he was born. Ma has been in the room for seven year, when she was 19, Old Nick kidnapped her and stuck her in the room and never let her out. See the adventure that Ma and Jack have to escaping the horrifying room, and their adjustment to life after Ma being in there for 7 years and Jack being in there his whole life.

Plot Elements

Exposition- Ma and Jack are living in a shed in the back yard of Old Nicks house.

Rising Action- Ma and Jack spend everyday doing activities that benefit Jack in his learning Skills.

Climax- Jack does pretends to die and while Old Nick is taking him away he escapes and jumps out of the truck and saves him and Ma.

Falling Action- They live at a hospital where Ma and Jack are being treated well and taken care of.

Falling Action- While at the hospital Ma takes to many pills and passes out.

Falling Action- Jack lives with his Grandma and Step pa for a couple of weeks.

Falling Action- Jack and Ma move into an apartment of their own.

Resolution- Jack and Ma visit Room one last time and confront their past, but also say goodbye to it.

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