Q and A about instagram

Q:When was the site created?

A: October 6, 2010, Instagram was born.

Q:Who created the site?

A: The two creators of Instagram are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

Q:Do the original owners still own the site?

A: The original owners sold the company for one billion dollars to Facebook.

Q:What is the main purpose of the site? Why is the web site important for people to use? i.e. download music, keep up with friends, buy goods and services, get information…

A: Instagram is for people to post pictures and videos with the ability to share them to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

Q:How does the site make money? i.e. advertisements, donations, grants, subscriptions, private funding…

A: It is non profit the only money exchange was when Facebook bought it from the original owners.

Q:What does the site do to keep people coming back? i.e. frequently change content, sweepstakes or contests, avatars, customization…

A: The quality of the camera is great because of the fact that is was made for iPhone and there are also great filters.

Q:How is your site used as an Internet marketing tool for other companies? How does your site market themselves online?

A:Instagram is connected to Facebook and many other social network sites.