Metric system/Dimensional Analysis

by Sean Antaya

Part 1: Volume

  • Volume is the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container.
  • Volume is usually measured in liters, or meters cubed (1 liter=1000cm3). A liter is based on the space occupied by one Kg of pure water (which is equivalent to 1 decimeter cubed).

Part 2: Dimensional Analysis

You can use Dimensional Analysis a lot in real life. here are some basic examples.
  1. say you're filling a swimming pool that holds 24000 liters, and you're American and don't know the metric system. This means you must covert liters to gallons. (1Gal.=3.785L)
  2. you know the volume of a box in meters^3, but you are need to know how many liters would fit in the box.
  3. Lets say you move to Europe, and you are driving down the road. the speed limit is 50km/h. You bought your car in America, so the speedometer is in Mi/h. How do you know how fast that is without dimensiional analysis?


Find the volume of a cube or boxed shape in the room in cubic meters, then convert it into Liters. (Remember, 1L=.1m^3.)