Sammy Davis Jr.

What his life was like

Who is Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy was born on December 8th, 1925 in New York. The first time he every was on stage was at age 3. Sammy grew up around music because his father was in a band called the "Will Mastin Trio." When he got older he did join the band and preformed with his father. Another thing is that Sammy was one of the first African-Americans to become famous.

Sammy's Accomplishments

Sammy was a person who was not just a singer but a dancer, comedian, and an actor. As a dancer he was one of the greatest tap dancers. When Martin Luther King Jr. came Sammy stood right next to him why he was speaking. In World War 2 Sammy served in the entertainment service. Sammy was also a champion for Civil rights when times were difficult. Standing up for his own rights was something else he did. In Washington when there were people marching for their rights in the world, Sammy would march in all of the marches in that he could.

Sammy's struggles

One of Sammy's struggles is that he was a life long smoker and as a smoker he got cancer. In November 1954 Sammy almost died in a car accident that had shattered his face and ruined his left eye. Wen he was alive he had to deal with raciness that was going around. Sadly on May 6th 1990 Sammy had died from cancer because he was a smoker, he was only 64 and he died in Beverly Hills, California.

Some of Sammy's performances

One of Sammy's performances was Mr. Wonderful. Some more are Anna Lucasta, Golden Boy, Porgy and Bess, and "Ocean 11."

Facts about Sammy

Sammy had 2 marriages. The first marriage was to a Swedish actress named May Brett in 1960. In their 8 year marriage they had a baby girl and adopted 2 boys. His second marriage was to a dancer named Altovise Davis.

Sammy made 2 albums as a soloist in 1950. He mainly preformed on the casino service and he was most remembered for his tap dancing.