Welcome to Week 18: the final week!

with Señora Melo

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Reminder: Winter Break

Winter Break for NCVPS is from 12/21 - 1/1. I will only be working sporadically over break, so please do not panic if your child/student submits work over break and it is not graded within 24 hrs. as it normally is. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Welcome to Week 18 of the course! Jan. 4 - 8, 2015

Welcome to the final week of the course, week 18 – Jan. 4 through 8. This week students are completing the final exam listening/reading, final project, and the final RLC if they did not already attend it the week before break.

There is a total of 3 graded assignments this week (including the RLC, which students may have already attended the week before break). Please see the list of assignments below for this week:

Proyecto Final de Español III:

**Preparing for your Final Project - Required Live Class** - (during week 17 or week 18)

  • _____ Examen Final de Español III

  • _____ Proyecto Final de Español III

**The final 3 assignments must be turned in by

1.8.16 to go on your report card. At 11:55 pm on the date above, the course will close and any incomplete final exams/projects will be calculated as 0s.**

Final Projects

Final Exam/Projects are right around the corner! Just a reminder for how the course grades are calculated:

  • Quarter 1: 37.5%
  • Quarter 2: 37.5%
  • Final Project: 25%

It is extremely important that students are paying attention to the requirements for this project and including all of the required pieces in the project since it counts so much towards their semester grade. Students have struggled during the semester with not including required elements in their projects and receiving low grades as a result. Please see this Tips for a Great Final Project document as well as the Summary of Course Content document that students have access to in the final project section of the course.

Extra Credit Culture Cafe: Why Study Abroad?

Sunday, Dec. 20th, 3-4pm

This is an online event.

Grading, Rubrics & Feedback

The course grade is comprised of 2 parts (Course work and the Final Project/Exam). The final course grade is made up of: Course work = 75% and the Final Project/Exam Average=25%. Progress reports are completed and submitted to schools every 2 weeks. Students in NCVPS Spanish courses are graded based on their Spanish-language proficiency. It's the school's/ELA/s responsibility to provide them to the students/parents. Please see the rubrics below for complete details. NCVPS only reports numerical grades, not alphabetical grades. All assignments receive specific feedback. It's critical for the students to check their grades/feedback daily and inquire with the teacher if they don't understand something or feel that there is an error. Assignments not attempted/completed receive a 0.

Grading Rubrics:

Below, are the grading rubrics that will be used to evaluate your performance/proficiency throughout the course. You should refer to these often, so that you know at what proficiency level you are performing and what you need to do to move to the next level. I have seen many students this past week not be able to move to the next level based on items I asked them to revise from their first attempt to the second attempt in looking at the rubrics. This could be something as simple as using transition words in their speaking or writing.

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Click Here for the NCVPS Virtual Support Center!

The NCVPS Virtual Support Center is available for technical assistance (for which I cannot do/help). They can be reached via phone during business hours or any time via Help Desk ticket.

About Me

My name is Erin Melo and I have been teaching levels 1- AP Spanish Language and Culture for the past 14 years. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in both Spanish and Secondary Education from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. I also received my Master's Degree in Secondary Education from that institution as well. I have studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain and traveled to both Mexico and Brasil as well. I have taught high-school Spanish in both northern Virginia as well as in Wake County, NC. I currently teach for 2 different different online schools in North Carolina as well.